Monday, February 05, 2007

The Batteries That Died Today

  • Ryder's bouncy seat was singing a very mournful took me a while to realize that the PMS induced weeping was not only from "my pre-time of the month" but the sad/creepy slow motion tempo of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • E's mouse (meaning my mouse that I haven't seen in like 5 months).
  • Mine. Around 3:30. Transportation Conference Proceedings data input, no chocolate to be found, no coffee creamer. It was a sad, slow, sad day.


cfnick said...

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cK said...

I'm going to cut off the heads of those who spam comment your blog. We're getting you some guards against that.

Also, please know I have Midol in my bathroom cabinet. Not everyone's choice, but it's what I got in stock. (I also have Advil.) If there's something else you'd like, just let me know. This way I'm covered in case you show up at the door weeping and clutching your back.

(I'm serious about the Midol. I might take some one morning just for the caffeine pipeline.)

Hulles said...

It's certainly not going to be me who comments on your lack of batteries. Especially not right now.