Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nick Is Not My Name

Hulles asked recently if he could call me LL and it led me to ponder my nicknames... I was inspired to make a list of names past and present...

By family and friends alike:
Larly Charley
Auntie Larva

By Vincent and then the whole ballet company:

By Bob the lighting designer:

By Stephanie (aka Stevie, Swizzle Stick, Twurlgirl):
Pixie Stick

By Omar (in trio with Stevie and Kendra aka Kennie):

By my first husband:
Laris von Larus

By Shandy:

By Sherrie (aka Banana Nose):

By Joy (aka Joybee):

By Nana:

By me:


zjjllb said...

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LaCosta (Lollie) said...

How can I make these f_ckers go away cK? This post was about two seconds old when they found me.

Hulles said...

Dang. I just lost my comment. Well, I'll type it again then. You should turn word verification on in your blog settings; send me an email (address on my blog profile) if you need help. I was just discussing you with a mutual friend and this very subject came up, but I thought I'd tell you directly. And before I forget, I really like that you have kat in your links. She is one of my very favorite bloggers.

I liked the nickname list a lot, and I really want to call you Pixie Sticks. (Stix? Stick? I don't dare navigate away from this page to find out for fear of losing all this typing again.) But the list raises lots of questions, like, who are all these people? What ballet company? (I love ballet, and even have stories.) Etc. etc. I know, I know, I need to read your earlier blog entries. Okay I will, then.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Thanks Hulles, maybe now I can keep those bastards at bay. I have to verify myself.
- I love Kat, I only read one of her posts before I put her on my list. It was Iguana Sex You Up.
- Stick, Stix or Sticks...I'm going to go with the first one, even though we were really referring to our legs. Funny, this was always a verbal name, never written.
- Most of the people were from my dancing days in Oakland Ballet ('89 to '02). We were tight, we gave each other names.
- My turn to draw an answer...what stories do you have of ballet? I'm intrigued.

Hulles said...

I wrote a blog entry called, appropriately, "Dance"; please feel free to read it. It gives some background and in rereading it myself I find it doesn't totally suck as writing either. If you want more stories, feel free to send me an email. I don't want to clutter your comments with stuff about me. The people come here because of you. Except for the spam bots, who could give a shit.

Oakland Ballet, eh? Corps? Principal? Should I know you? Are you really Martine van Hamel, finally responding to my impassioned entreaties?

Hulles said...

And I added a link to your blog from mine yesterday, just FYI. I hope you take that as a compliment; it is intended as such.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

I did see the link today Hulles, and I am very flattered. No sweat about the personal dialogue in the commenting arena...quite honestly, I think only you and the cK visit me on the regular (Eww, did I really just invoke Justin Timerlake just then? I think I need a shower!). Anyway - yeah, after a few years I clawed my way up to Principal and then moved on to Ballet Mistress for two seconds. Bad Director change led me away to a different life... but that's another story. And you should know me, but not because of my dancing. I think I'm a moderately interesting person is all. I'm off now to read your Dancer post.

Hulles said...

Ballet Mistress. I've always wanted one of those. And I think you're much more than moderately interesting (although I'm glad I thought so before I knew you were a famous dancer, otherwise I'd suspect myself of groupie-ism).

If you're interested, you might also want to read my "More Dance" post. It's sort of a cute story that involves Pilobolus who I adore. In fact, in rereading it I sighed lugubriously once again (love that word).

I'm so happy I (am getting to) know you! How fun! Got a sister?

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

Sadly sister, just sisters-in-law and I guess they would be out of the question.
PILOBOLOUS!! They were my first foray into modern dance. I saw them in the late 70s on a trip into Winnipeg (the Big City!!). They danced in a bag for twenty minutes. I fell in love...I went to the Planetarium the next day. The whole weekend was magic.
I had a teacher who wanted our plies to be "more lugubrious - make them chewy people!"
Again, I am off to explore the world of dance on your site. See you in a few. And oh yes, I am happy to be getting to know you as well. Do you really look like Donald Sutherland's younger brother? Who's the kisser?

Hulles said...

I look like a white Ed Bradley, but thanks for the upgrade. The kisser is my dear dear friend Lauren who has nearly as bizarre a sense of humor as I do. A slightly bigger pic is here, along with a paean to Lauren, if you're curious.

Like your teacher, I've always been a fan of lugubrious plies, or plies of any sort to tell the truth. I can even pronounce plie correctly on a good day. And I'm stealing the line "Make them chewy people!" Hope you don't mind.

I think I'll send you an email shortly, if I can take the coffee shop long enough. In the meantime, visit my blog for the best browser fo you in History! XO.