Sunday, November 11, 2007

If I Could Turn Back Time

...or actually push it forward.

I picked My Guy up from the airport yesterday with the plan that he would change into the clothes I brought him for my nephew's school auction. We put the suitcase in the trunk and opened the back door to retrieve his clothes. It was warm and dark out already and he didn't want to be encumbered by trying to wrestle in and out of his clothes in the front seat, so he somewhat reluctantly and shyly stood on the passenger side with the car door open. He whipped off his T-shirt and replaced it with a French Blue button down.

Then the pants.

He was just about to pull down his jeans when the car alarm next to him went off and an old lady walked by staring, wondering what the commotion was. ZIP! And into the car he went to wrestle with his dress pants. I immediately turned to him and said, "I am SO blogging about this!"

Is it wrong that I wished he had actually been caught with his pants down?


Worker Mommy said...

Not wrong at fact it would have been damn funny.

Well there is always next time.

Lollie said...

Hmmm - I'll have to figure out how to engineer more outdoor costume changes...

Whiskeymarie said...

You know my feelings on this- blog away baby!

I like to think that blogging forces us to pay attention to these moments that may otherwise get forgotten.
Well, that and we get to throw our complete lack of shame out there for all to see...