Friday, November 02, 2007

Beauty, And Then The Beasts

I was challenged by Kat to take some pictures of the serious ugly I was encountering in this most beautiful place. Behold the loveliness...

Our Balcony (sick, right? That pirate ship went by every morning.)

Mogán, Las Palmas (Hi! Could I be more picturesque?)

The beach at Maspalomas, or was it Playa del Ingles? I can't remember, I think I had a big Mohito... (yes, that's a fire-breathing dragon)

Please imagine that this picture had been styled by Food and Wine - it would look a hell of a lot better. (however - the taste of this paella was outstanding no matter how it looked)

Cafe Hao in Santa Lucia (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the mountains)

And another beautiful shot of the buildings (not all were like this, many were white washed a la Greece, but I loved the stone)

Here we are in the white washed state of mind (literally, I was seeing white spots with the lack of oxygen...I love altitude...makes me woozy)

And now Ladies and Gents, for the Ugly.

Behold the Swedish Speedo Wearing I Have No Idea What I Look Like Man (And Maybe Nor Do I Care)



There was another spectacular bright orange one that drooped nearly to his knees, but he kept sitting down every time I grabbed my camera (his tummy covered the evidence). Dammit, it was good.

Men , women and children of all ages, prepare your eyes! In the left portion of the stage we have the all too oft seen...

German Man Boobs!! If I had caught him a second later, his bresteses (thanks for that one whiskeymarie) would have beautifully lit from above, revealing the fullness of his gorgeous tats.

(I'm going to hell for this aren't I?)

Who Cares?!!

Man Boob Part Deux! I particularly liked this set for their fur frame.

And speaking of fur frames, we come to the Grande Finale of our show. Turn your attention to the Center Ring! It's a Steve Carrel Wannabe! He just wouldn't let the girl finish the job! He was so traumatized he had to run screaming from the waxing table, jump on the nearest plane from Hairyvilla, Italy and traumatize the rest of us.

Let me finish by just saying Wow. How'd I do Kat?


Whiskeymarie said...

Oh dear god.
The saggy-bottom dude and the hair, and the man-boobs...
I'm a little woozy myself.

I'm not completely sure of this, but I may be a lesbian now. I'll keep you posted.

H said...




kat said...

How did you do? Apart from sending me into therapy with that last photo... pretty damn well, I'd say. Muchos besos.