Friday, March 28, 2008

Two Worlds Apart

Picture this:

A cozy couple, snugged up on what is lovingly referred to as the ComfyCouch, a plush, gooshy two-seater made for lovin'.

I am trolling iTunes for some baby music, a lullaby or twelve if you will, so that our child can drift off into unfitful slumber as soon as possible (fingers, toes, and anything else that will, crossed).

And My Guy, volume at near max, killing aliens and assorted villains on Resistance Fall of Man, smacking his thigh and swearing like a sailor every time he gets demolished.

What? It's close to romantic.


Whiskeymarie said...

Substitute "reading magazines" for lullabys and "Star Wars lego game" for the monster game, and you'd have a pretty typical weekend at our house.

cK said...

But that monster training is going to come in handy, Lol, if a DOOM or TERMINATOR scenario unfolds. So there are benefits to that madness.

-The Wizard

Worker Mommy said...

Just think what might happen if you have a little boy.
He'll be cute and cuddly for oh maybe the first year or two but then the uh "boy" starts to come out.
You'll be outnumbered then my friend and this scene or scenes like it will be common place. ;)