Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Looks like everything is tickety-boo with the babens and the host. Just got back from the perinatologist and the marginal placenta previa has gone away, the baby is weighing in a one pound, and bones and organs are measuring perfectly - best of all, we don't have to go back.

Again, StubbornBaby wouldn't get in the "traditional" position for an ultrasound profile picture, so the nurse took a quick 3D picture. Umm, creepy. He/she looks like a clay baby, or something not quite cooked from Star Trek. Have a look for yourself. My guy asked that we not do that again. I agree.


3carnations said...

I never had a 3D ultrasound. I think those pictures are great!

cK said...

Wow. That image is like a Tool video!

SuperBee said...

Congrats on the healthy peanut!

Sorry your baby is going through his "Golem" stage. It'll pass.

Worker Mommy said...

Ok, I wouldn't have been creeped out if you hadn't said anything. Now I'm thinking alien baby ;)

Glad everything is ok and you and the "baben" (I love that) are doing swimmingly

H said...

It's like in Juno when she says she needs to keep the baby in there awhile longer to reach optimal cuteness (I'm paraphrasing of course) because it looks like a sea monkey. Those pictures are creepy and I'm sure not at all indicative of how absolutely adorable your spawn is going to be. Congratulations!