Monday, March 24, 2008

Sticky Situation

So I have Book Club on Wednesday night. Kinda not looking forward to it. Here's my dilemma:

The book was chosen by one of the girls - an old coworker of hers wrote this month's book titled Why Jews Don't Camp. And he is going to join the discussion.

And I hate the book.

It is a self-published piece of unfunny, racist, seemingly unedited (are you listening Ms. Bad EditorPants?) drivel that prides itself on zero timing and annoyingly repetitive phrases. What. The hell. Am I going. To say?

"I, uh, liked the reason you wrote the book - let's talk about that and only that for two hours, mkay?" (His friend got breast cancer and he wrote a chapter a week to cheer her up during her chemo treatments. Frankly, the chemo must have been a cakewalk next to the torture of weekly chapters. Hmm, maybe this guy could've been on to some sort of alternative treatment- perhaps a sort of reverse psychology...)

Anyway, it's just sooo bad, you guys. And I found out today that one of our ladies really loved the book. Thought it was the funniest thing. I'm going to seriously reassess my feelings for her now.

Will tell you all about it on Thursday. In the meantime, wish me luck for tomorrow. Hopefully it's my last appointment with the Old Pregnant Lady Specialist.

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Sassmaster said...

OMG, way to inhibit discussion. I look forward to hearing about it. And congrats on the healthy clay baby. Woohoo!