Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Obvious I'm Obsessed

...or maybe it's just because I am spending so much time in the can lately (pregnancy peeing is like the never-ending story).

I just had to share these with you - and no I was not perverted enough to do this while someone was in there with me.

Click on this image to get a bigger, better idea.

Okay, so you can see your own under parts...big deal right? Not if there is someone next to you!

Or if there happens to be someone waiting for the next available stall.

Am I right or am I right?!!

ps (I wonder if Larry Craig could have benefited from this particular bathroom design...?)

pps (which leads me another question: If a gay man is looking at his mirror image in this flooring, would his doppelganger be straight?)


SuperBee said...

Re: the pps - You mean, like, would his reflection be straight in bizzaro mirror land?


Once a gay, always a gay.

kat said...

The first post was fun, but this REALLY helps me take the journey with you.

3carnations said...

It's just as disturbing as you described it. You could have been labeled as a total freak if someone had walked in on you doing that. :)

Actually...You could have just said you were documenting it for the baby book. No one can dispute the baby book. Heh.

Worker Mommy said...

Yeah, pregnancy can have odd affects on a woman.

When you're in the bathroom taking pics of the floor I have to wonder ? ;)

Seriously though those floors are a tad uh how do I say it. CREEPY

H said...

You are so right. That is ridiculously shiny.

Beverly said...

I agree. The floor is inappropriately shiny.