Friday, December 14, 2007

Ring My Bell

This picture was taken in October when we were in Gran Canaria. I think I have a thing for bells. I have a gold fairy bell at our front door - the kind you'd summon Jeeves with for your afternoon tea. There's also a cowbell on the front table ala Will Ferrell "I need more cowbell." I have a leather strapped ankle bracelet with tiny bells on it, but I never wear it because the incessant tinkling makes me need to pee. Oh, and I think I have a total of three, no, four bells on our Christmas tree. One was mine and I inherited the other three when My Guy rang my bell.

1 comment:

Mariposa said...

Seemes to me a cool collection... I collect some items too...I do have figurines/ dolls (ladies) from all the countries/ places I visited... :)

Maybe one day you can show us all your bells... ;)