Thursday, December 13, 2007


A baby frog (again with the baby frogs! this is not a haven y'all) hopped into the house through the front door today. I squealed and yelled at it "GET OUT! Turnaroundturnaroundnow get the hell ouuuuut!"

...and it did!

Mom and I went for a brief walk at noon to brush out the cobwebs. The sky was grey and gloomy. It smelled metallic like it was going to rain.

...and it did! REALLY hard. We were only 1/2 a block away from the office, but by the time we ran to the doors it looked as though we'd been in the shower fully clothed. Soaked. Through.

We went out to dinner with the 'Rents - our usual Thursday, hey let's make the weekend feel longer trick. I wanted to eat cedar planked salmon, and guess what?

....I did! And it was rockin' good. Sweet sauce on top, but with mustard seeds so it had a terrific balance. A side of crunchy broccoli. Just. yum.

Now I'm just sitting around Ego Googling my stage name to read old dance reviews. The good ones still make me happy and I still get pissed at the bad ones all over again. I wonder if that will ever go away with time.

...I doubt it!


christina said...

ever since a horrific incident in the early part of this year, i can no longer google my name without weeping in horror.

i envy you.

Lollie said...

christina - seriously, you're going to leave us hanging like that?

cK said...

That's a terrible teaser!

I love googling my name simply because I get stories of a jazz musician. The perks of being common!

ps: At that dinner, my tortilla salad was pretty fine.