Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I've Made An Enormous Error in Judgment

Okay, maybe just an enormous error in packing. I took all these fab pictures of my Christmas gifts - with my new camera - yes, I no longer carry around the ghetto brick version with the orange elastic band around the busted AA battery port.


I forgot to bring the card reader to Brooklyn so they are all being held hostage in the damn contraption.

I can, however, list the loot.

1. Two tickets to The Joffery Ballet in January (stocking stuffer...I feel like a total ass because My Guy's stocking stuffer included a travel pack of Q-Tips. What? I thought I was being nice. He loves the eargasm!)

2. Perfume (Sung by Alfred Sung...been wearing it since I was 15)

3. Yoga video (I haven't stretched anything in about 4 months. I'm turning into a shriveled piece of gristle)

4. iTunes gift card (looking forward to enhancing the 80s portion of my collection - I think the first purchase will be the best of The Cars)

5. A novel, Stardust (Saw the movie and I really thought it was a nice surprise - now I want to read the book)

6. Another novel, let's call this one an epic novel - about 900 pages of The Chronicles of Amber (I was encouraged to get into SciFi by My Guy...he brought it to Brooklyn, and he's reading it again - okay by me though, I have 500 pages of The Pillars of the Earth to get through still)

7. An incredibly squishy green robe, even softer on the inside than on the outside (I LOVE IT!)

8. An equally squishy 3/4 robe with hoodie for Brooklyn (maybe I should have brought the longer one for the colder weather?)

9. A coach bag (which I like, but don't love...have been given explicit instructions to exchange it because he wasn't sure he liked it either. Yay Husband!)

10. A beautiful Lucien Picard silver watch (with the most unusual basket weave strap)

11. The previously mentioned fabulous camera (hostage taker that it is)

12. And finally a 4 Gig camera memory card (I won't need to delete the data for the rest of my life!!)

13. Oh! And Cosabella underwear (a yearly staple)

So if you're thinking, "Ham sandwiches! This girl really made out!" You 'd be right. Merry merry!


Whiskeymarie said...

Wow. I thought I was spoiled.
I think your guy just won the gift-giver Olympics. He scored a 9.7 to just barely edge out the Romanian team that scored a 9.4.

Shall we play "Oh Canada" at the ceremony, or "Baby got Back"?
The judges are stumped.

Lollie said...

I think it really helps having no children to shop for...all the spoils go to the childless!

Is there a DJ mix called "Canada Got Back?"