Friday, September 07, 2007

Who Knew This Came With Eye Candy?!

So, there I was at 9:00 am, sitting in my office corner of the Brooklyn apartment, cuppa tea, black robe, bed head.

After an hour or so, I looked to my left out the window at the sidewalk, and to my surprise it was filled up with a long line of about 200 African American men.

Very. Good. Looking. Men.


Took me a second to realize that the Million Man March was not being recreated outside my NY digs, but rather, Spike Lee's (up until now) fairly dormant 40 Acres and a Mule Production company at the end of the street was holding auditions.

Needless to say, I locked and loaded every single face as they passed by my place so I could recognize who would be the lucky soul who aced the audition when I saw the next Spike Lee Joint. It's fun to think that somebody is going to get a very happy phone call in the near future...


Whiskeymarie said...

Um, pictures?
I mean, pictures, please?

Sorry. I meant-

(me, composing myself)

If you get a chance, that is. It would be very much appreciated.
Thank you. Come again.

kat said...

holla, Lollie. post-work drinks sometime this week, maybe?

Lollie said...

WM: I was about to but they were literally ten feet from me so I was feeling a bit conspicuous...I failed you, I apologize. Next time I will have grown some balls.

Kat: Post works drinks sounds great to me. Your end or my end? I'm getting to know my neighbourhood a bit better now, so I could make some suggestions - unless you have a place in mind.

Winter said...

Yes really. I need a visual.

Susie PSU said...

What? No pictures??? You are right, it would have been awkward, but BOY, would we have LOVED it! You could have just said "Smile for my blog!" Maybe next time. Or go hide on the stoop across the street and use a zoom lens...

Lollie said...
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Lollie said...

Sheesh, mention the promise of a pretty man and you get slammed. Alright, the next time I come across some hunky man-ness that happens to be hanging outside my stoop, I'll snap away.

Does this help at all?