Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Rest of the Fun

About to eat a massive pizza, so this will have to be short - yes, I'm sorry, the food takes priority.

Did Disney, it was great. The rides were thrilling, but not as thrilling as the lack of lines. Running through the maze and getting to the front of the line at Splash Mountain was almost as fun as getting plowed with water at the end of the ride.

Lost my camera somewhere between The Happiest Place on Earth and Sash and E's house (aka The Loudest Place on Earth). Sadly, no Disney pics...meaning no evidence of me trouncing Belle and that Teapot guy.

Lazy day on Saturday. Did the requisite coffee and bagel run, laying around the house a bit and then shopping. Lunch at The Key Lime House (had to let T & S in on a little "Old Florida") mostly for the crabcakes. Drinks at The Sundy House - just so they could see where we got married - they were unable to attend because of the damn Canadian election...damn you Stephen Harper (T is a reporter in Vancouver), and then we had an amazing dinner at The Falcon House. Timmy is a prince and we love him more every time we visit his joint. An honourable Cabernet Mention: Darioush! Must have more Darioush! For anyone who is planning to visit, The Falcon is stop #1.

Sunday we took off to South Beach, hung at the pool for schnacks, walked the beach, got caught in the rain, and checked into our rooms. A quick nap later and we were ready to stuff more food into our gullets, but only after a stop at The Rose Room in The Delano. This place never ceases to awe me. I just love the layers and layers of floor to ceiling white billowy curtains. So South Beach you could throw up. But beautifully tanned big boobed vomit though. Emeril's was up to snuff as usual - never been disappointed there. And, as usual, we totally crapped out after swearing we were "so gonna party." 9:30 and we took our fat drunk asses to the hotel and fell instantly asleep.

Breakfast in Ft Lauderdale on Las Olas Ave and back home to rest. Seriously - needed to rest because we had not stopped up until that point. Then T & S made dinner for us and that, folks, was the End of the Fun.

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cK said...

Lost your camera? Boo! Had a great time? Yay!

It's an emotional roller coaster knowing you, Lol. I'll see you soon. Are there still hurricane pics up in my room? And, YES: I did just write MY room!

By the way:

-El Cilantro