Friday, December 29, 2006

Nepetalactone Haze

I just watched my cat get high. It was her first time, and I don't know who was more amused, me or her.

I tried catnip on my previous cat, but she was one of the many who are immune to its effects. Moon, however, is currently chillin' next to her Santa Frog who has a velcroed belly stuffed with a large catnip tea bag.

When I set it down next to her, she imediately tried to find the source of the dope. It was like she couldn't believe the frog was the yummy smelling object of desire. She smelled everywhere around it, even my hand for a second or two. Finally she settled on the fact that the frog was riding dirty and she was all over it. She nuzzled, marked, and rubbed it, buried her face in it, and even did the Flehman thing every once in a while (mouth slightly open, as if smelling with her taste buds). This took about twenty minutes, with me lying next to her, giggling the whole time, basically getting a contact high.

Then she mellowed out and has been half-sitting half-lying on the bed upstairs with what I think is a kitty smile. I'm pretty sure I have a new role in life from this day forward. I have become the Pablo Escobar of catnip.

Adapted from the movie Blow

George: "El padrino is Lollie. And for those of you living on the moon for the last twenty years, she is it, the boss of it all, El mahico."

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cK said...

Do you think this will assuage her mission to your house into a vomitorium?

Happy new year, friend. I hope you and Ray-Ray are having a grand time in New York.