Monday, December 18, 2006

The Best Night

We weren't going to go - but I'm so glad we did. Sash and E had their annual kid's gift exchange with the neighbours. We have no kids and we don't live in the neighbourhood, but we went over anyway. It turned out to be a terrific evening of food (we carved the roast beast), wine (Twomey is outstanding), and laughter (Gina's 40th next October was decided to be an 80s come as your favourite rock star).

We reminisced about our youth - how pathetic that we can even say that! Bad songs, bad hair, bad neon clothing...the 80s had it all. We can't wait for the party! Joe has even engaged an AC/DC cover band for those about to rock.

I need to figure out who I'm going to go as.

ck? Any suggestions?

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cK said...

I can't believe the Blogger beta platform just crapped upon another comment from me!!!!!! I don't have to log in because the system recognizes my computer; yet, if I leave a comment before "logging in" it doesn't recognize my comment-leaving log-in info. DAMMIT!!!!

I'll send my suggestions in an e-mail. And they include how Ray could be Michael Bolton.