Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Had About Enough

Oy. What moron goes to the mall the day after the day after Christmas? Oh right...that would be me. After spending countless hours, meals and drinks with my family (who I love dearly) and battling the crowds in Nordies, Bloomies, Saks, and Costco (yes, I said Costco), I'm about ready for a whole lot of nothing tonight. All I want to do is not have a heavy meal, a drink of wine, or conversation while I am vegging out in front of the tube, indulging in the Top Chef marathon on Bravo tonight.

I am partied out and I need to rest before New Year's Eve rolls around...that eating, drinking and conversing schedule is going to be heavy.

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Hulles said...

I totally got into the top chef marathon that day myself at my brother's place in Iowa. How did it turn out? I had to leave and return to Minnesota and missed the last few shows.

I think I have to give up Lollie research for today, but you are engaging.