Monday, December 04, 2006

Little Angels

So I just heard the best story about my adorable nephew #1. Kiefer and his playmate Sydney (both 3) were doing arts and crafts in S and E's very secular home. They were making an enormous mess - glitter was everywhere and they were covered in paint. E turns the corner and looks at the two of them with her hands on her hips, "Oh my goodness - look at the two of you! What a mess!

"Kiefer looks up at his Mom and says, "Praise the Lord, Mom! We're washable!"

In looking for an angel picture to go with this blog, I Googled "halo" and a whole page of this came up:

So then I thought smartly, I'll just Google "angelic"... here's what I got:

I'm conflicted to report that religion is officially dead, and violent video games and Victoria's Secret have taken over the world.

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cK said...

It's strange to market bra-technology on the chests of women whose boobs stand up regardless.

And just how much more advanced can our bras and razors get? The age of man has ended and the age of Victoria and Gillette has begun. Armies are gathering....