Friday, September 15, 2006

Three Strikes, You're Out!

Strike One!
Put on my Princess Diana commemorative watch this morning so I can keep track of time at the conference. At the airport I realized the watch was motionless, as in dead, no battery. (Is this foreshadowing?)

Strike Two!
Foreshadowing? Yes. Time is going to be a problem for me on this trip, I can just feel it. The computers and printers were down at the Delta Medallion counter. After a 20 minute wait, Dad and I went to the International Check-in where the SLOWEST TYPER IN THE WORLD "helped" us. Seriously, it was getting down to the wire as to our bags making it onto the plane under the 30 minutes before takeoff rule. Then, the STITW proceeded to put me on the 7:15 flight (Dad was on the 6:00, which I, too, was supposed to be on). Now my bags are a whole flight behind me. It will be a miracle if they make it to Tokyo on time.

Strike Three!
Can't remote in to do any email downloading or grab some stuff to work on on the plane. This flight is going to take forever. For. Ever.

At least I got my three strikes out of the way. Now I know the plane won't crash.

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