Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pappa San

Pops can really come up with dinner he said the lady's kimono (a guest, not a server) didn't look like a very fancy dress. It was cotton, not silk, striped, not flowered, grey, not brightly coloured.

"What's that company?" he says. "Peterson? No, Peterman. J. Peterman?"

"Huh?" I say.

"The outdoors know, uhh... L.L. Bean! Her kimono looks like she got it at L.L. Bean."

Other stuff worth a note:
At dinner tonight, we were asked if we had any allergies after we ordered. Probably good practice in an International hotel chock full of seafood.
I saw a woman whose straight back rivaled Tamiyo Kusakari from the Japanese film, "Shall We Dance?"

Our beer has been Yebisu (remember it, try to find it in the States).
Saw the Japanese version of the Four Seasons purse-stool (Mom, you know what I'm talking about). A lacy cloth was placed over two purses sitting in an empty chair at the table next to us. Protection from falling food, or covering something not so beautiful as the food? You decide. They were both Louis Vuitton, so I'm leaning towards the latter.
Manners and afternoon tea appetites were stunted when a man took off his shoes and socks and put his feet up on the sofa he was occupying. Let me get this straight, it's rude to blow your nose at the table, but laying back and lounging sans footwear like you're at home potatoing on the couch in a public place where elegant teapots are tilted back on their hindlegs and pretty cakes are served passes for okay?
Lastly, Yokohama has a frosted sky. The light is different here...pearly.

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cK said...

The LL Bean kimono: priceless. You've reported his cadence wonderfully.