Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Observations From The Last 48

  • women can be such ninnies
  • shelled edamame is a lovely little lima bean imposter
  • getting upgraded to Business on your upcoming flight to Japan is almost as good as edamame
  • people who don't do a flush check should not be allowed in public bathrooms
  • going for a walk after getting home from work can abate the urge down a glass of wine
  • a good computer chair is paramount
  • dirty hair is manageable up until about the 40th hour - then it just gets gross...and starts to smell funny
  • calf cramps suck
  • giggling with friends on the phone is the best medicine
  • don't eat coleslaw that has been left out - it gives you gas...too long, it gives food poisoning (this last one was a life lesson, not one learned in the last 48)
  • 1 comment:

    cK said...

    Perhaps we could find you some sort of boxed-wine / squeeze bottle thing so you could have the walk AND the wine, eh?

    Or a paper bag. That always works too.

    NOTE: I had to Google "edamame."

    Your friend,
    -The Coach sitting in coach