Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Am Thor, God of Thunder

So those last three strikes are OUT, man!

Who cares about's so cool here in Yokohama all I want to do is stop time and watch. Besides there are clocks everywhere - even a garganto digital one on the flippin' 30-story Ferris Wheel outside of our window.

Bags made it. To quote my good friend cK, "Whoo!"

E fixed the remote issue - I am all good on the internet. Even Skyped for the first time today. Ray laughed at me when I contacted him. "You're so pleased with yourself, aren't you? You aren't happy to be talking to're happy with yourself that you made this thing work." I replied indignantly, "No, I'm not happy because I made this thing work!" (then sweetly) "....I'm happy because it's free!"

I'm such a tightwad.


cK said...

There's that word again: Skyped. I accepted it flatly when E kept using it. (Wasn't it E? Or in my trans-Pacific journey did I blow a gasket and forget that it was you?) I just said, "Yeah, yeah," while in the back of my mind my Minister of Disbelief was pulling at his hair and saying, "Skyped? Is that a word? That isn't a word! What does that mean!? SKYPED!?"

I took it to be an...Elizabethan term. You know, sort of a hoodad for doo-dah.

LaCosta (Lollie) said... - check it out. You have to get this, man. It's brilliant!

ps - it was E. Come on now...who always turns us on to the latest hoodads and e-doodahs?