Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smoked Chipped Beef

I bought a book for cK just because of the title: Nobody Cares What You Had For Lunch. It's about blogging, the content is crap, but I just liked the title so much I made an impulse buy.

Since nobody cares what I had for lunch, let me tell you about my breakfast.
From the buffet:
  • stewed plums and figs
  • melon
  • smoked salmon and capers
  • steamed rice
  • miso soup with fresh crunchy scallions
  • tamago
  • tofu
  • seaweed and edamame (the best thing ever)
  • Japanese boiled egg (hard to eat with chopsticks - had to revert to my coffee spoon)

Just seriously jiving off this food. It's so tasty and delicate.

After breakfast, Dad and I went to the business center to get cards made (communication is a sweaty ordeal here - I get nervous for the people who are trying so hard to understand, and who are so apologetic for not understanding). I love the people here, but I'm going to need three showers a day if I keep this up.

One more sweaty ordeal followed with Dad and I trying to ask the curator of the Yokohama Museum of Art if she knew Tomiya and was he famous, no we don't want to have his paintings shown here, we just want to know if you know France? No, he justs paints France a lot, we have his paintings, please don't apologize, European art is the same as in Japan, Europe hasn't heard of him? No please, you do understand our question, you're English is very good! You have answered our question, you don't know of him. I guess we are not rich because of the paintings he gave to, no, we don't want to buy his paintings. We want to know if you have heard of him. But, no. Thank you, arigato gozaimas...can we go back to the hotel, Dad? I need a shower. My pits smell like smoked chipped beef.

ps - I had tuna sashimi over rice for lunch. I know you don't care, but there it is.


cK said...

Hey, I felt all sweating here too. I don't get it. It's quite cool by the bay.

Then again I was lugging...well, luggage. A 40-pound roller bag, a duffel, and a laptop backpack that I swear has heating pads at work in the shoulder straps. I felt and sweated like a pack mule.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

40 pounds , eh? More like 80. You were packing a Harajuku Girl weren't you? They may be wacky and cute, but they can be heavy when you're dragging them around town in a duffle bag. Will you have a problem at customs?