Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Haven't Died

But how busy should these holidays be...for real? Family here, family there, oh hey I have guests and then more guests and a house to keep clean for the guests and underwear to wash and baby clothes to clean and toilets to wash and enough drinking glasses to keep clean, tree up, tree down, needles to sweep, umm, where did all the cookie crumbs come from? More guests? Wash the sheets! Strip the fridge of leftover leftovers...what's that smell? Toss some lemon down the garbage disposal, seriously, what's that smell? How did this wrapping paper get back here? Is this tinsel from this year?

So we escaped. We went to South Beach last night with Mario and Daniel. It was great fun...only after the great Hotel Debacle of 2009 (yes, we had one already) was settled. Something about a broken door, no more rooms and having to transfer the boys to another property, blah blah blah. Once we got to The Delano for drinks and Emeril's for dinner, everything smoothed out just fine. The guys stayed on to go to Key West the next day and we drove home to rescue Mom and Dad from the babens. Actually he was a peach. It was we who needed rescuing in the middle of the night. Is it normal for a 5 month old to still wake every three hours in the night? Please, someone, tell me this will stop eventually. I need some REM sleep - desperately.

How is your 2009 so far? What are you looking forward to? Here are my few, not so well thought out tidbits:

More sleep (HA!)
Meeting The Muse
A crawling baby boy
Italy in late April with Grantie and Gruncle
Grandma's 100 birthday in May in Cornwall
A walking baby boy
K's first birthday
Brooklyn and Manhattan
Classes of some sort
cK's wedding to The Muse
Faria's wedding
Turning 40
Another baby...maybe?


Ann(ie) said...

Yay. Go for 2!! We can commisserate (sp?) and be exhausted together!!!

MichaƩle said...

Have those kiddos close together before you forget what life can be like after potty training! I had 3 babies in a span of 4 years and wouldn't change a thing. Although going to the grocery store became interesting....three kids...two hands...somehow I figured it out!