Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Don't Even Know What To Do With Myself

Baby in bed by 7:30, husband out having a drink with a friend...HOLY CRAP!!!! Me time!

So, I've eaten dinner, fed the babens (cereal!), medicated the babens (ear infection), boobed the babens and cribbed the babens. I'm so excited to have some time to myself, I'm not really sure where to start.

Do I do the responsible stuff, like pay bills, clean my closet, organize the overflowing freezer? Hells no. First order of business? Get to the magnifying mirror and have the pickfest of a lifetime. I had so many unattended to black and whiteheads that I could barely keep my fingernails steady with anticipation. It was brilliant. Though my face is almost as swollen as a car accident victim's, it is mercifully clean of dirty blemishes.

Yahoo! What next? BLOG!

Okay, I really meant to get right to it, but my responsibility gene flared for a moment as I passed the dishwasher and laundry room. Just a quick detour, that's all it was. A few dishes into the machine, one load of whites and we are on the way.

Comfortably nestled in front of Brett Michaels and the Rock of Love Bus (that's right, I have a little trailer trash in me - I do live in Florida, remember?) I am ready to roll. I've got a bit of Top Chef catching up to do and then I am going to bed to catch up on that far away old friend known as REM...

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure: 


kat said...

i know just what you should do with yourself!

- paint your toenails
- read blogs
- take a 30-minute shower
- eat something really good, slowly and indulgently, using BOTH HANDS
- upload more pictures of your delectable infant
- play dress-up
- make prank calls

if you need more ideas, you know where to find me.

MichaƩle said...

Now THAT is a well-fed babe! Good job, Mommy! I sucked at spending my "me" time wisely. Still do.

for a different kind of girl said...

That is one gorgeous baby!

I have some Rock of Love to settle in and watch, too! I need to get my trashy on! Hope you enjoyed the rest!

WM said...

Holy cute babies batman. If I could only reach through this screen...I'd be pinchin' a plenty.

So yeah your first order of business should have been crackin' open a wine bottle.