Thursday, December 11, 2008

This Idea Hit Me At 5 AM

So there I was, blissfully awake after a stunning four hour jag of sleep, lounging in bed wondering what I should put on my next post. James Lipton and his Bear-narrrd Peee-voh Actor's Studio survey jumped into my mind. You know it, "What is your favourite word? What is your favourite curse word?" etc.

Here's what I came up with.

The 5 Senses Survey.

What is your ideal 5 senses situation? I'll give you a few of mine:

Sight - Seeing Keegan's wide mouth bass smile in the mirror
Smell - Huffing the top of his head
Sound - Hearing him laugh
Touch - Running my hand over his peach fuzz head
Taste - Eating chocolate

Sight - Just the sky
Smell - Burning peat moss
Sound - Wind in the trees
Touch - soft grass on my back (not the horrible Florida variety)
Taste - Eating chocolate

Sight - The darkness of an audience
Smell - Stage make-up (grease paint ideally)
Sound - Philip Glass music
Touch - My partners deft hands around my waist
Taste - Just a little salty sweat at the corner of my mouth (well, it would be chocolate, but you can't really do that while you're performing...

What are a few of yours?


WM said...

Sight - my kids toothless grin (they are both missing their top two front teeth), hubby's blue eyes, The view of Mt Rainier on a summer day in Seattle ( I could go on and on)

Smell- chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, Euphoria Mens cologne, fresh flowers

Hearing-the sound of laughter (particularly my kids)

Touch - hugs

Hearing- the sound of my kids laughter

MichaƩle said...

Sight- Seeing the 3 feet of snow in my neighborhood melt...slowly, but still, melt melt melt.

Smell - Hot coffee waiting for me in the kitchen after my 10th round of snow removal before noon.

Sound- The weather-guessers actually being right and also saying "no more snow! Ever!"

Touch - My warm down comforter.

Taste - one of the millions of sugar cookies that my daughters and I made this weekend because, well, we were stuck inside!