Thursday, July 10, 2008

PWA - Also Known As The Pediatrics Wrestling Association

The two guys I've seen so far are going to have to duke it out in a to-the-death cage match. I can't decide between doctors...they're both so nice.

Advantage for Doc A: bigger practice, after hours care
Advantage for Doc B: closer intimate office, will come to hospital personally after babens is born

Which direction to go? And should I add another doc into the mix? She lives in my development...



3carnations said...

I LOVE our pediatrican's office. There are 4 doctors. My son sees the same one for annual visits, and whoever is available for same day visits. They have an after hours number that is for a cell phone answered by the actual doctor on call.

Worker Mommy said...

Well the wrestling idea is kind of entertaining.
I say go with B. Love the idea of the more intimate practice and the visit in the hospital (our first pediatrician did that but then he went and took a hospitalist job about a bazillion miles without asking me , damn him) If you don't feel good about it you can always switch.

MadWoman said...

Personally I'd go for the one with the after hours care....because things ALWAYS happen after all the clinics are closed at normal hours and the wait in the ER sucks.

Though the thought of wrestling pediatricians sounds good to me!!

cK said...

As this is totally outside my realm of knowledge, I vote for Doc Hollywood.