Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How Did I Ever Have Time When I Was Working?!

I have been up by at least 6:30 (4:45 this morning) for the last three days and they have been FULL!


- a daily nap
- lots of stuffing of the face
- for real cooking
- daily trip to the gym
- looking out the window at the ducks
- making of muffins
- nesting
- nesting
- nesting
- thank you cards
- blogging (hi again everyone!)
- catching up on email
- doctor's appointments
- car seat safety appointments
- ducking out of our last Bradley class
- yoga class
- downloading every CD I own into my iTunes library
- birthday gift shopping and wrapping (big brother, you are going to LOVE US!)
- pediatrician shopping
- weekly visit to the midwife (all is well and moving along nicely)

I like this not working thing. Hopefully I can enjoy the next 28 days to the max. Because the rest of our lives are going to be A LOT of work.


MichaƩle said...

Enjoy your Pre-Mommy time! You're gonna love being a mom but when the time comes where "Brush Teeth" is on your "To Do" list for the day, you will look fondly on the "just me" days. Okay, I've exceeded the "quote-quota" for one day...

Worker Mommy said...

OMG, is it so wrong that I kinda hate you now.

NOt working...I wouldn't even begin to know what that feels like

(yeah I know I'm a whiny ass) ;)