Friday, July 11, 2008

The First Boy I Ever Kissed

It was the first or second grade (I'm guessing), and I insisted that we do it in the closet of my bedroom. For some reason, that was very important to me. I'm not sure he cared, but I recently got in touch with him again and he said he remembered it as his first kiss as well. Was I glad to learn that he was not a Casanova at that age? Yes.

Anyway. He is apparently a brilliant writer now, who has been given one of, if not the, biggest advances for a first-time novelist. I think you all need to check out his book (available in early August - I just pre-ordered), and his very cool website , and his Facebook page if you are into that.

Yes, I am totally pimping out my first kiss. He deserves it. It was good. He made me blush...


Worker Mommy said...

Ha, and if you were me you might choose to say that your kiss propelled him to such heights. I mean really who's going to know whether that is true or not.

BTW, I sent you an email about the end of the shower and judging posts oh and yes I do still have your diaper cake and yes I am such a huge slacker! I promise I'll have it to you before little Lollie or Little Ray is born. At least I hope so anyway

Ann(ie) said...

That's an impressive first kiss!! I betcha the moron behind my first kiss is in jail. Or he could be holding up a convenience store as we speak. *shudder*

cK said...

Lit pimp!

Seems the Gargoyle comes out right quick, hey? And he's Canadian! I'll have to see if he's visiting Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Whiskeymarie said...

Um, he is CUTE.
Lucky you. The first guy I kissed looked and kissed (as far as I can tell) like a big mouth bass.