Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick Update

48 hours without luggage - a nightmare...finally got it today at four - I am in my very own clothes and I keep hugging myself every three minutes, muttering mine mine mine!

This place is full of Germans, Brits and Swedes - already I am tired of looking at Helmut's man boobs, Nigel's fanny pack and Sven's banana hammock. No really it's amazing here. Very swish and resort-y. Loving it - will fill in later...I spent too much time reading everyone else's blogs and catching up on the laughs. Must go have dinner with the Auntie and Uncle.

Had wonderful news today and celebrated with champagne. We are on track - cK, you will know what this means...


cK said...

GAH! I can't take this roller coaster! Well, yes I can. I think that's lovely, Lol. And after all of last week's weirdness--including the Hulk-like swelling of one dude's neck (not mine, hello)--it's good to know the sun is shining and the hearts are upbeat over there.

In Swedish: Solen skiner! (It's sunny!) Pronounced (no joke) like "so-len hweiner". Take that to the banana hammock gang!

(Funny: I'd think Uncle David would be out in one of those, if only to give Liz a laugh and you and Ray a reason to visit the bar.)

kat said...

You'd better be taking pictures.