Friday, October 19, 2007


Yeah, so No Voltage Night was a success.


We had a lovely evening - with a delayed start time. He had to send two more emails off and was still not not feeling perfectly well, so we compromised and I went by myself to get the food shopping done while he went and finished up electronically.

Then we started in earnest. We chatted while prepping the food (an easy pork stir fry). We drank wine while cooking. We ate in front of the TV - with it off. We talked some more about family and kids, etc. Discovered some perceived differences which were good to discover sooner rather than later. We got the ginormous World Atlas out and laughed about funny names, got geographically educated and played the If We Were Stinking Rich Game - you know the one, the one where you close your eyes, open the Atlas and point to your next fabulous vacation destination. We chatted some more, did the dishes, made tea and finished upon the couch.

I forgot that I needed to mix the cat's food for the next few days. We're trying out a new combo of grocery store food and instant mashed potatoes so the mank doesn't keep getting UTIs. Too much information I know. So there I was, mix-mastering with the best of them, while My Guy was upstairs, making, what I thought was, the bed.

I grab the cat and guiltily pick up my new iPhone thinking, hmm, maybe I shouldn't even bring it upstairs...but I do need it for the alarm tomorrow morning...and proceed to pad upstairs thinking to myself This was great - we should really do it more oft...

I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. I dropped the cat and my jaw. "I can't believe you!"

Picture a deer in the headlights, or better yet, a raccoon pawing through your garbage can at midnight, eyes the size of saucers, "What!?" He says, trying to sound wounded.

"Are you reading your email?!"

"I was up here all alone with nothing to do!"

"Are you effing kidding me?" I leave you alone for five minutes and you're attached to your Crackberry reading your email?"


"Well what are you doing then?"


"I'm reading and answering an email."


I was so stunned I just left the room.

He put it down saying, "You're right, you're right. Look I'm putting it down...I'm not even sending it."

He followed me into the bathroom trying to placate me, asking if the whole evening was ruined. We agreed it was a slip and he'd do better next week.

Then he has the gall to say to me, "Well since this evening is all about sharing...can I tell you about the email?"

I glared. He stopped.


3carnations said...

Wow. TV is our vice; that's the thing that one of us might sneak on on a night like that. We rarely check email at home, and our cell phones are so old and basic...We don't have voice mail on them, and certainly not internet access.

Good luck next week!

cK said...

Enjoy your trip, Lol! You will be missed. And I promise to do minimal damage to the gsa website in your absence. MINIMAL.

kat said...