Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Whole New Me

Listen up bitches! Mama got 5 straight hours of sleep last night and she's feeling like she could conquer the world. Not sure exactly how it happened but I'm taking it. Come to think of it, he had a HUGE crying jag in the car on the way back from taking Santa pictures at the mall. I wonder if he totally tired himself out.  I can't make my kid cry so hard he's practically choking every night can I? (or can I?!)

What else? Went to a Christmas Cookie Party this morning.  It was really nice to just hang with the chics and make gooey goodness. My creation was a no-bake version of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Holy crap! Do Over! They are yummy. We're off to a hockey game tonight with my little brother and his wife. Go Panthers, or whatever. If it's not about the Oilers in the 80s when they were in Edmonton, then I'm just there for the beer and the opportunity to wear a scarf and sweatshirt.

Oh hey, guess who's awake. Gotta jet.


H said...

Go, you! How did Santa pictures go? I hope your Santa was normal and sat up in a chair instead of laying on a chaise lounge like Santa pictures I saw of a friend's baby. Creepy!

MichaƩle said...

I was just going through all the old Santa pictures from when my babes were babes. Oh gosh, so sweet. I keep forgetting to tell you that Keegan was my boy's name for my last baby....never did get to use it as hubby put a kabosh on any more babes. He's a Baby Ba Humbug.

Lollie said...

H: Santa was awesome - real hair all around...nothing to pull off. And the boys were great (we went with the cousins). And yes, Chaise Lounge Santa is totally creepy. What marketing genius thought that was a good idea?!

Michaele: Wow! Where did you get the name from? It is my husband's mother's maiden name.

3carnations said...

Whoa, whoa. You can't say "No bake Reese's Peanut Butter Cups" and not include a recipe. PB Cups are my absolute favorite, as well as my son's, and I'm making holiday goody bags this weekend.


WM said...

Go you!

Sleep is good, yes ?

When I think about having one more I think about the sleep deprivation (well that and the fact that I might have two again)

Are you gonna post the Santa pics ?