Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks Dad!

Yeah, so since we are splitting up for Thanksgiving - Mom and Dad with Lex and Me and Ray with Sash and E (Elizabeth and Lexi's birthdays fell on Thanksgiving this year and cousins are visiting on Saturday for the big family dinner so it's okay), we invited The 'Rents over for Thanksgiving Breakfast - to be a tradition from here on in - hello. I said we'd have a light breakfast of fruit and cereal so as not to ruin the appetites needed for the later day pig-out. 

Well that idea completely fell through yesterday evening when neither Ray nor I felt like cooking dinner so we ordered Chinese. The steak was already marinating, however, so we decided since the huge meals the next day weren't happening until 3 and 4-ish that we'd go for the steak and eggs in the am.  Well, this prompted my dad to come to the realization that if we were having steak, we needed to have wine, time of day be damned.  

I Like It!

We are pleasantly buzzed (no worries, I've already fed the wee'un) and nicely full. We're doing this again next year for sure - maybe even on Easter too!

Now I just have to figure out how to make the stuffing and dessert for this afternoon without ruining it or my buzz...


MichaƩle said...

Oh I hate a good buzz ruined! The only thing about that, and I learned this in Jamaica, is that it sucks to have a hangover early in the evening. My day of drinking at Margaritaville fell on the day as the grand midnight buffett on the ship. I ran around that top deck, practically gagging. Maybe that'll teach me to drink all day. Or. Not.

Hope you had a great First Thanksgiving with Little Person!

Ann(ie) said...

um, I think I love your family.

MadWoman said...

Uhhh....can I be adopted??

WM said...

I love that you went for wine...time be damned.

That's not an altogether bad philosophy. ;)