Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Fresh It's So Fresh, Exciting...So Exciting And New

Inspired by something I read on Whiskeymarie's latest post about newly sharpened pencils, I'd like to list the things that I find exhilarating when they are brand new/fresh.

- blacktop tarmac
- bed sheets
- newly rolled out paint, of the wall, paper and nail variety
- T-shirts
- mascara wands
- book spines
- kitchen sponges
- vacuumed carpet
- the first squirt of toothpaste
- a box of checks
- a bar of soap
- dollar bills

Definitely not on this list?

- pointe shoes
- jeans
- gloves
- cars (I abhor new car smell - makes me vomity)
- shower liners (again, the plastic-y smell)
- thongs (both foot and booty)


for a different kind of girl said...

Your list is perfect. New pencils and mascara wands? Fantastic. The only thing I'd add is a new box of Crayolas!

Whiskeymarie said...

You'd love my house right now- nothing but new, stinky paint as far as the eye can see...

I always like being the first one into a bag of chips and the first to use the toilet after I clean it.

I'm a freak like that.

MadWoman said...

I like the smell of freshly pumped gas. Yum.

Good list!!

WM said...

new clothes make me positively giddy. I like to leave the tags on them walk away for a bit and then go back to my closet and look at all my fancy new things.

Yep...few things make me happier ;)