Monday, August 11, 2008

This Is My Life

I get excited if I can manage to accomplish one thing in a day. Pathetic, I know. Some past daily milestones:

- painted my toenails

- went to Target (still without the baby...I'll get there)

- grabbed a shower

- answered three emails

- shaved legs

- unloaded the dishwasher

- cooked a real meal

- drove to the pediatrician without Ray

- did two loads of laundry

- cleaned the kitchen counter

- got bagels and coffee on Saturday morning

Keep in mind that the entire list above would be a normal Saturday-before-11:00-am kind of activity in my previous life.

Am I adjusting okay? I don't know. I think I'm keeping it together pretty well, but I am kind of struggling with my new identity. What is it right now? I know it's "New Mom," but what is that really at this moment? Your basic vending machine, that always has one eye open to make sure the baby is still breathing/not choking/dry/happy/well-fed.

I'm told this too will pass.

But I'm okay. I'm really okay. Because we have this...


for a different kind of girl said...

There are days even now, with my boys so much older, that I never get much of anything accomplished. I remember their early days, and I would just sit with them and stare. When I try to do that now with them, they think I'm crazy!

MichaƩle said...

You are definitely still YOU, sister. And this is a chapter in your life that you get to write the way you want. I know I only have these few short years to be a good mom and dang if I ain't trying hard becuase they are flying by and I'm NOT kidding. I'm sad just thinking about it.....the days are long but the years are short. I know everyone says it but cherish the days....I am only 40 and my first born, my son, will be graduating high school next spring. Where the HELL did the time go? Okay, this WASN"T supposed to be about me....just saying....this chapter of life flies by. Write it well.

kat said...

lollie, can i just say? cutest. baby. ever.

also, if it makes you feel any better, i would consider your list to equal a very productive day. and this is coming from a childless 26 year-old who is only partially employed.

SuperBee said...


And I echo Kat. I'm 27, and know what I did last Saturday? Slept, brunched, slept. That's it. Don't feel bad. :)

-k said...

I used to be a HARD sleeper - jack hammers couldn't wake me up. Then I had baby - and started the one eye open sleeping thing all the time...Now, 4 years later, the wind blowing will wake me up and think I need to check on her. I thinks it totally normal...and the fact that you shaved your legs!!! Big Deal Girl! It might have been six months before I got to that stage.

Ann(ie) said...

HE is soooooo beautiful, girl! What a love. I was in a blur for a while as a new mother and I remember sitting in a thai restaurant looking rather wiped with spit up on my shirt and a dazed look in my eye waiting for a friend to arrive. A guy walked up and asked how old my baby was and I said 6 weeks. He said....awwwww.....little smile crossed over his face and's gets WAY EASIER at about 6 months. I think I told him I love him.