Monday, January 15, 2007

What ? Er... Colour

Tonight was my first watercolour class. I'm going to have difficulty with this, but it is going to be good for me dammit! I'm a control freak - there I said it. Control freak. Watercolour wanders, and it wanders mercilessly. How am I going to spend the next 5 Mondays "letting go?"

An aside: Is Warren Beatty starting to look like Bob Barker? From certain angles during his Golden Globes lifetime award acceptance speech, I say yes.

Another aside: WTF, Cameron Diaz? Where did you find the 1984 meringue prom dress? Did you go back in time with Reese Witherspoon to go ugly-dress closet raiding? Do you happen to pass Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sienna Miller when they were on their metallic-dress closet raid?

Last aside: I love you Ugly Betty. America Ferrera, you were the most beautiful one there.


cK said...

Cameron Diaz always strikes me as more than a little crazy. She looks to me (and acts) like a young Mrs. Roper.

Timberlake wasn't Stanley enough.

jana said...

warren beatty resembles bob barker more every day. he's barely recognizable as the one time sexy-man and womanizer.