Monday, January 29, 2007

Hey, Sujay's Gone...

So it really was the fastest trip ever. He was here, we laughed, we ate, we drank and then, poof...he disappeared. Nothing left of him but the faintest head outline on his pillow (covered cat hair now, of course).

Speaking of the cat. We are fast friends at the 'mo. Two days ago, she threw up in Ray's underwear. I (stupidly) asked if he wanted me to wash them or chuck them out...I got the Hairy Eyeball. Into the trash they went.

Then yesterday, the feline bulimic went to town again. Ray came into the bathroom and said, "Your cat has to go. She just threw up on my PlayStation."

I swear to you, it took everything I had not to smirk and say, "So, do you want me to wash it or just chuck it out?"

I didn't ask, because the timing was dangerous... also, I knew that after getting a completely different interpretation of the Hairy Eyeball, I'd have to get out the 409 anyway.


Kudo_Kenshin said...

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cK said...

Places the cat is planning on vomiting next:
1. The breast pocket of Ray's best suit
2. The drawer of flatware, with a concentration on the spoons
3. In a skillet set to medium on the stovetop.
4. Inside the doorbell circuit box in the kitchen
5. And, via projectile vomit, the workout bag in the garage.

If only you could turn le chat loose on the pool table of that guy across the street who stands outside all evening.

LaCosta (Lollie) said...

So we've upped the anti. She has a UTI again and peed/leaked in the bed this morning. Off to the doc she goes. Mom suggested offing her this time. I say nay.