Monday, January 07, 2008

Photo Log Catch Up

So I had a pantload of pictures in my old camera and quite another even larger pantload in my new non-ghetto no elastic holding the battery port shut camera.

Pictures and captions from the last few months:

T-shirt I painted for Hulles (I'm only linking you Hulles in the hope that you have updated your blog you busy man you).

Stockings and donuts in bed on Christmas morning - what could be better than that? Maybe a shot of Happy Birthday Jesus rum in a cup of coffee?

The very first picture taken with my new camera - Portrait of the Vampire Pedicure (not only is the red nearly black, but this hot-damn pedi is everlasting - I've had this for almost a month and it still looks fresh, no?! I wonder if the OPI colour I picked was called "The Undead"). Note the ghetto camera with the blue elastic band...

Think of me y'all on Wednesday night, Jan 16th - I'll be getting a dose of culture courtesy of My Guy and the Joffery Ballet.

(Just a quick aside...have any of you watched Rome? We just got through season one and are salivating for more. The last two episodes were mind blowing. Must See TV!! Yes, NBC, I am stealing your tagline - HBO rules!)

The Christmas dinner table before it was released to the hounds. Seriously, we demolished it. It had none of its former perkiness after the clan was done with it.

My fairly drunky Daddy. Look carefully at his left shirt string...somehow he managed to unknowingly dip it in his Cabernet. He's so cute.

My even cuter guy - I just love him when he's scruffy. Hmm, I just had a you think that's a Daddy thing? Eww.

This was the joint where we spent New Year's Eve in Tarrytown New York. The Castle on the Hudson was lovely - maybe a little bit old (PJ and Ray walked in to the place, checked out the clientele and said in unison, "Who died?"). But a good time was had by all - especially these two:

They started mackin' out right in front of our table at the drop of the ball, continued through the horns, streamers, kissing and shaking of hands, kept 'er going during Dick Clark's farewell and didn't come up for air until our band started, played through and finished "When the Saint's Come Marchin' In." The room was revolted. Particularly when he squeezed her ample ass for the last chorus.


I blew a kiss to the camera at just after midnight (and after kissing my husband).

And this was me at the stroke of 12:20, back at PJ and Barbara's in my J's ready for bed. I loved that they live around the corner!

Happy New Year!


H said...

Everyone is posting photos of their
Christmases. I feel as though I should also, especially since Bill got me a camera for Christmas! Looks like you had a great time, and you've seriously had that pedicure for a month? Still looks fantastic, in support of Lollie's darker side.

Whiskeymarie said...

*Dammit, now I need a pedicure.

*That picture of your dad rocks.

*my old cell phone was held together with scotch tape.

*You? And the Mr? Adorable. And I love the jammy shot. You can always tell a dancer by how they stand in photos.

*the ass-grabbers made me puke a little in my mouth. Ick.

Mariposa said...

You look adorable!

cK said...

What a lonely Christmas table. All those lovely dishes...and no one around them.

I'm happy anytime you put Ray on the blog because it makes me think of his way of looking at you out the corner of his eye in surprise or protest with something he knows he has no ability to control.

Lollie said...

cK: What you don't see is the 12 person child-wrangling/wrestling/racing/diaper changing chaos that is known as E's house on the holidays...

Worker Mommy said...

That pedicure is killer. I'm oh so jealous.

Oh and not only do I lurve you...I totally dig your Dad now too.