Friday, November 10, 2006

Not for the Upper Crust

A delightful surprise, of either my husband’s or Julie’s doing (our travel agent), I found myself in Delta’s First Class on the flight to New York. We were delayed by an hour getting onto the plane, and then another 20 minutes on the runway. To appease the masses, they started the in-flight movie to whittle away the time while we waited to takeoff.

This was not to First Class’ approval. Why you ask?

The movie was Talledega Nights.

Will Farrell and the Nascar culture apparently don’t appeal to the jet-set crowd. They were upset that they had to endure the preview. A palpable disapproval blanketed the 16 seat curtained section. An audible murmur rippled through the Medallion Members when they realized they could hear the movie even when the PA system was turned off (the earphone system volume was so loud, you could actually hear it through the armrests). They were assured by the flight attendant that they wouldn’t be able to hear it once the engines got to max cap. A brief snort came from the seat behind me at this guarantee. “Nice choice of movie, Delta,” he said just loud enough for us (and her) to hear.

There was a smattering of applause when the movie was discontinued for takeoff.

I wonder if Farrell knows how unpopular he is with Buffy and Chad (said with clenched teeth and a slight underbite).

I felt alone in rows one though four. I kind of liked the movie when I saw it in the theatre. Every once and in a while, I glanced up at the monitor in secret and chuckled at what I knew to be the funny parts – silently of course. I didn’t want to shoulder the disdain of my seatmate Thurston for the next two hours.

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cK said...

You in FIRST CLASS!? It's a classic fish out of water story!