Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Ultimate Question

For three days now, Ray and I have been ignoring something on our back patio. We have a mat out there, it's beige, something to wipe the feet before sliding to one's death on the tile in the kitchen. I am usually sans glasses in the morning, so I've been wondering what the curled up string on the mat was. I finally got my glasses to investigate.

Turns out it's a dried-up dead worm.

My best guess is that it was seeking refuge from the massive rain we had three days ago. It has to be that because there is no way that the cat, who has no killer instinct at all (except when Ray scratches her haunches), stalked it, dealt it the striking death chomp, and left it prettily packaged for the "people who feed me" to find. Simply implausible. This worm just must have crawled to what he thought was a relatively dry place, only to find that the Florida rain often swipes sideways and soaks the mat. I think the poor thing drowned. Here's the thing.

It died in the shape of a question mark, as if to say with his last dying breath, "What the...?"


cK said...

This reminds me of those drawings in which people spell out the alphabet with their bodies, sometimes with the aid of what seems to be additional joints.

I wonder what letter I might die in the shape of. ... Certainly, if I died as punctuation, it'd be an exclamation mark! (Gross. That seems to imply a decapitated head. A decapitated head!)

jen said...

An old and wonderful boyfriend of mine, noting my ridiculous life-situation (cubes and corps--ugh!), said these words to me:
"Jen, you are like a worm dying on the asphalt. We have GOT to get you out of there."

I'm still here.

So I'm down with that suicide-on-the-doormat-deal. I can relate. Me and the worm--soul-brothers.


LaCosta (Lollie) said...

I've seen your picture Jen. You are not a dried up old thing. You may, however, be a question mark...I'll let you know when/if I meet you.