Monday, April 06, 2009

I Have Lost The Will To Blog

There is seriously nothing exciting happening to me lately - not even a good little aside. Except that two people I know rather personally have been accused of child molestation. Well, one is accused and I know he has to be guilty, and the other has been accused, tried, found guity and put away for ten years. What makes one bend that way? And how do I keep all of them away from my son? 

Who is crawling P to the S! Well, army-crawling in any case. Who knew one could feel so proud about an accomplishment you didn't even make? It's great...but now I have to start childproofing the house. Do we really need a toilet lock? I just know that's going to cause a catastrophe on a "I can't get my pants down fast enough" day.


MichaƩle said... gads on the child molester thing. My husband's stepfather did time for molesting a girl years ago and thank GOD he was never allowed to spend time alone with my kids. Now, my mother in law passed away and we never see the guy so..good riddance.

Thumbs up on the toilet lock. I know its a pain but it will only be for a little while until he starts to potty train.

Playwright Chick said...

uck! How to know who they are and to keep them away, indeed.


Ann(ie) said...

I never did the toilet lock thing. I was on the same page as you....sounded like it would make my life harder instead of easier!!

WM said...

Yay for army crawl, my son did the army crawl too before doing the traditional crawl.

Oh and scary on the child molestor thing. When K gets older a great video for him to watch is the Safe Side Super Chick. John Walsh had a hand in it and my kids love it.