Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Yeah. So I just experienced my first Insensitive Cow. In Publix. At the bakery. Let me start my rant by pointing out that she looked like she was fresh from the trailer, complete with bad hair under her hairnet under her bakery hat and summer teeth (some 'er here, some 'er there). And none too skinny herself there, sister.

Insensitive Cow: " Ohhhh, a baby! How many months are you?"
Me (smiling): "Just finished my 6th month."
I.C. (eyebrows raised to her very low hairline - or was it the hairnet?): "Is that all?!"
Me (giving her the hairy eyeball with no smile whatsoever): "Yes."

"Pregnant" pause...

I.C.: "Oh, well, I guess it's just a while since I've been was a while ago. I guess you just forget."
Me (hairy eyeball stare continues while imagining her as a fifteen-year-old slag pregnant by her second cousin).

More pregnant pausing...

I.C.: "Uhh, that guy will be right with you."

Her hasty exit.

Are people really that rude? Or are they just stupid? Or does crap just fall out of their mouth without thinking? Do they spend their lives living an uncomfortable existence, or do they get numb to their own atrociousness and just continue down their happy path spreading poo in their wake?

Or maybe I'm just being too sensitive?


Worker Mommy said...

Yes, sadly people are that rude.
(ha and I love "summer teeth"...that's sheer brilliance)

The ones that would really bug the facking hell out of me are the ones that would randomly come up and touch my belly. As if it wasn't part of me and they didn't just invade my personal space.

Uggh...people really shouldn't mess with hormonal pregnant women.

I think her comments and your hormones give you license to kick her in her summer teeth.

You're a hawt prego woman, trailer trash woman be damned.

SuperBee said...

I'm going to see my secretary's baby tonight! Born yesterday, I'm coming with arms full of adorable peanut-clothes!!!

But now I don't have a belly to rub, or feel kicking me. Tears.

Lollie said...

WM: No one has touched my belly yet - and let me tell you, if they do it had better be a good day!

superbee: Yes, but now you have tiny hands to squeeze your fingers and drool to mop up tenderly!

H said...

You are the cutest pregnant person ever and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! She just wishes she looked half as good as you when she was pregnant.

If anyone randomly touches your belly, beat them up. That is the epitome of rude.

3carnations said...

People are rude. The one I dreaded - But thankfully it never happened to me - was strangers touching the pregnant belly.

The one that DID happen - Strangers trying to touch the BABY. Don't. Even. Think. About. It.

Just because something is cute, doesn't mean you have a right to touch it/him/her. Grr...

Whiskeymarie said...

She's retarded.
That's all I've got.

Naarski (the Mrs.) said...

nope, you are not being overly sensitive. I remember all the inane things people said to me when I was prego w/ GG. It used to enrage me. It was always saying how big I was compared to people they know who were the same stage as me. Annoying!! One time tho- was standing in line at Bartells' a complete hormonal mess and feeling so fat and swollen. I actually didn't want to get out of the truck cuz I was afraid someone would say something about me (And I was buying hemroid stuff). I was standing in front of the cutest lady-just my luck. And she says, "excuse me. But you look so adorable." I lost it. Started bawling, I was so happy and grateful. It was like g-d sent an angel to be nice to me.