Monday, April 28, 2008

On A Brighter Note, At Least I Have Boobs Now

That's me...back when I was skinny and in shape.

"What?!" says current Lollie, "I'm in shape! Round's a shape."

I'm just having a moment.

I know it's for the greater good, but I'm just feeling sorry for my ass, literally.

It's HUGE.

Sorry, ass. We used to be friends.


H said...

Holy amazing! That fascinates me. Don't worry about the current state of your ass - once the niblet arrives you will be back in shape in no time. =)

Whiskeymarie said...

You have nothing to worry about- you will bounce right back. Plus, now you've got jiggly wiggly boobies, which is totally worth it.

cK said...

I'd sing that "Humps" song, or whatever it's called, by Fergie (or was it the Black Eyed Peas?); only, I don't know the lyrics really, and they sort of makes me uncomfortable.

My brother does a good, deadpan version of that song.

Worker Mommy said...

Two words breastfeeding (or is it one)! You'll bounce back in no time

kat said...

i wish that picture was bigger! and don't worry about your ass. ray strikes me as the sort who would appreciate a good badonkadonk.

Mariposa said...

That was awesome! Just take a few walk and it will be back in shape. ;)

Have a nice week!